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Class 10 - Maths

NCERT Solutions of all chapters of Class 10 Maths are provided with videos. All exercise questions, examples and optional exercise questions have been solved with video of each and every question.


Topics of each chapter include 

  1. Chapter 1 Real Numbers - Euclid's Division Lemma, Finding HCF using Euclid's Division Algorithm, Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic (Prime Factorisation), Finding HCF, LCM using Prime Factorization, Proving numbers irrational, Decimal Expansion of numbers
  2. Chapter 2 Polynomials - Geometrical Meaning of Zeroes of Polynomial, Relationship between Zeroes & Coefficients of Polynomial, Division Algorithm.
  3. Chapter 3 Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables - Forming equations, Solving by graph, Checking consistency - Consistent or Inconsistent, Equations intersect at point or are parallel or coincident, infinitely many solutions, no solution, unique solution, Elimination, Substitution, Cross-multiplication method, 
  4. Chapter 4 Quadratic Equations - Roots of quadratic equation by factorization (splitting the middle term), completing the square, quadratic formula, nature of roots D = b2 - 4ac
  5. Chapter 5 Arithmetic Progressions(AP) - What is AP, common difference (d), nth term of AP, Sum of n terms of A.P. (Sn) - both formulas
  6. Chapter 6 Triangles - What is Similarity, Different types of Similarity - AA, AAA, SAS, SSS, Area of similar triangles, Pythagoras theorem
  7. Chapter 7 Coordinate Geometry - Abscissa, Ordinate, Distance formula, Collinear Points, Types of quadrilateral/triangle formed, Finding Equidistant point, Finding ratio by section formula, Using properties of parallelogram with Section Formula, Finding Area of Triangle when vertices are given, Proving 3 points collinear using Area of Triangle Formula
  8. Chapter 8 Introduction to Trigonometry - What is sin , cos, tan, cot, sec, cosec, Value of trigonometric ratios at 0°, 30°, 45°, 60° & 90°, sin (90 – θ) = cos θ , tan (90 – θ) = cot θ , sec (90 – θ) = cosec θ, sin2 x + cos2 x = 1 , sec2 x = 1 + tan2 x , cosec2 x = 1 + cot2 x. And how to remember all this
  9. Chapter 9 Some Applications of Trigonometry - Finding height and distances, knowing what is angle of depression, angle of elevation
  10. Chapter 10 Circles - Tangent to circle, Number of tangents from a point of the circle, Length of tangent.
  11. Chapter 11 Constructions - Using the concepts we have studied before, first we learn how to divide a line segment in a particular ratio, then we study how to draw a triangle similar to the triangle (where Scale Factor is greater than 1, and less than 1) and then we learn how to create a tangent to the circle from a point outside it. Justification of all the constructions is also explained.
  12. Chapter 12 Areas Related to Circles - Finding Perimeter and area of circle, Length of arc of sector, Area of sector, Area of segment, Area of semicircle and doing some questions where all these concepts are used
  13. Chapter 13 Surface Areas and Volumes - Surface area & volume of combination of solids - cone, cube, cuboid, cylinder, sphere, hemisphere, Conversion of one shape to another, Volume & Surface Area of frustum of cone.
  14. Chapter 14 Statistics - Finding mean - Normal method, assumed mean method, step deviation method.  Finding median - for more than, less than using median class and cumulative frequency, Finding Mode, Drawing More than - less than ogive.
  15. Chapter 15 Probability - Finding Probability of cases where 2 dies are thrown, or when using cards , Probability of complementary events.


In each chapter, there are two division - Serial Order Wise, and Concept Wise.

If you want to look for a specific question or example of the NCERT Book, click on any link below Serial Order Wise. 

If you want to study the chapter for the first time, or revise - Click on Concept Wise. Concept Wise the Teachoo's (टीचू) way of doing the chapter. First the concept is explained, and then the questions are explained, from easy to difficult.


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Chapter 1 Class 10 Real Numbers (Term 1)

Chapter 2 Class 10 Polynomials (Term 1)

Chapter 3 Class 10 Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables (Term 1)

Chapter 4 Class 10 Quadratic Equations (Term 2)

Chapter 5 Class 10 Arithmetic Progressions (Term 2)

Chapter 6 Class 10 Triangles (Term 1)

Chapter 7 Class 10 Coordinate Geometry (Term 1)

Chapter 8 Class 10 Introduction to Trignometry (Term 1)

Chapter 9 Class 10 Some Applications of Trigonometry (Term 2)

Chapter 10 Class 10 Circles (Term 2)

Chapter 11 Class 10 Constructions (Term 2)

Chapter 12 Class 10 Areas related to Circles (Term 1)

Chapter 13 Class 10 Surface Areas and Volumes (Term 2)

Chapter 14 Class 10 Statistics (Term 2)

Chapter 15 Class 10 Probability (Term 1)

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