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Class 8 - Science

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List of chapters, and the concepts explained in it are - 

  • Chapter 1 Crop Production And Management - What are Crops, Different Types of Crops, Steps required to Produce Crops, Storage of Grains, Animal Husbandry
  • Chapter 2 Microorganisms : Friend And Foe - What are Microorganisms, Different types of Microorganisms, Are microorganisms our friends or our enemies?, How can we preserve food, Nitrogen Cycle
  • Chapter 3 Synthetic Fibres And Plastics - What are fibres?, Different types of Fibres, Synthetic Fibres, Types of Synthetic Fibres, What are plastics, Why do we use plastics, 5R Principle
  • Chapter 4 Materials : Metals And Non-Metals - What are metals and non-metals, Physical Properties of Metals and Non-metals, Chemical Properties of Metals and Non-metals, Uses of Metals and Non Metals
  • Chapter 5 Coal And Petroleum - What are exhaustible and inexhaustible natural resources, Coal - How is it formed, process of forming coal, Petroleum - how is it formed, how do we refine it, What is Natural Gas
  • Chapter 6 Combustion And Flame - What is combustion, How do we control fire, Different types of Combustion, Flame - Different color of flame on burning different material, Structure of Flame, What is fuel, How do we calculate fuel efficiency, Harmful effects of burning of fuel
  • Chapter 7 Conservation Of Plants And Animals - What is Deforestation, What causes it, what happens due to deforestation, How do we conserve forest and wildlife, What is a biosphere reserve, What are flora and fauna, What are Endemic Species, Reforestation
  • Chapter 8 Cell — Structure And Functions - What is Cell, Different Shapes of Cell, Size of Cell, Different Parts of Cell, Comparison of Animal and Plant Cell
  • Chapter 9 Reproduction In Animals - Different Modes of Reproduction, Sexual Reproduction - Reproductive Organs, Fertilization, Metamorphosis, Asexual Reproduction
  • Chapter 10 Reaching The Age Of Adolescence - What is adolescence and puberty, What changes do we observe in Puberty, What are secondary sexual characters, What are hormones, Menstruation, Chromosomes, Reproductive Health
  • Chapter 11 Force And Pressure - What is force, What can force do?, Contact forces, Non Contact Forces, What is pressure, What is pressure exerted by liquids and gases, Atmospheric Pressure
  • Chapter 12 Friction - What is friction, What factors affect friction, Is friction necessary?, How can we increase or decrease friction, What is fluid friction
  • Chapter 13 Sound - What is Sound, How is sound produced, How is sound produced by humans?, Can sound travel in air, water, vaccum?, How do humans hear sound, What is Amplitude, Time Period and Frequency of a Vibration, Difference between music and sound, What is noise pollution, 
  • Chapter 14 Chemical Effects Of Electric Current - Which materials conduct electricity, Which liquids conduct electricity, What are the chemical effects of electric current
  • Chapter 15 Some Natural Phenomena - What is lightning, Different types of charges, What to do when stuck in a thunderstorm, Earthquakes - What causes them, how to protect from them
  • Chapter 16 Light - How do we see things, Law of reflection, Regular and Diffused Reflection, Kaleidoscope, Is sunlight white?, How can we proper;y take care of our yes, What is braille system
  • Chapter 17 Stars And The Solar System - What are celestial objects, Why does the shape of moon change, Stars, What is a constellation, Different constellations, The solar system - Planets, Moons, Asteroids, Comets, Meteors, Artificial Satellites
  • Chapter 18 Pollution Of Air And Water - What is Air Pollution, How does air get polluted, Taj Mahal not white anymore?, Greenhouse Effect, What can we do to prevent Pollution, What  is Water Pollution, How is water purified, How can we reduce water pollution


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Chapter 1 Class 8 - Crop Production and Management

Chapter 2 Class 8 - Microorganisms : Friend and Foe

Chapter 3 Class 8 - Synthetic Fibres And Plastics

Chapter 4 Class 8 - Materials : Metals And Non-Metals

Chapter 5 Class 8 - Coal And Petroleum

Chapter 6 Class 8 - Combustion And Flame

Chapter 7 Class 8 - Conservation Of Plants And Animals

Chapter 8 Class 8 - Cell - Structure and Function

Chapter 9 Class 8 - Reproduction In Animals

Chapter 10 Class 8 - Reaching The Age Of Adolescence

Chapter 11 Class 8 - Force And Pressure

Chapter 12 Class 8 - Friction

Chapter 13 Class 8 - Sound

Chapter 14 Class 8 - Chemical Effects Of Electric Current

Chapter 15 Class 8 - Some Natural Phenomena

Chapter 16 Class 8 - Light

Chapter 17 Class 8 - Stars and the Solar System

Chapter 18 Class 8 - Pollution of Air and Water